Thursday, 14 February 2019

February Update

We've had a busy couple of weeks here at CP Bridgend with lots of cats coming in - and as many going home! It's been great news for our cats as most of them haven't actually had a long stay here with some cats coming into us on the Monday, being made available on the Wednesday and leaving us on the Friday!

It's worked out quite well as we are currently having a little wear and tear work done on our pens to spruce them up a little bit so we've unusually had whole corridors empty of cats which has been a strange sight for us but our waiting list is still open and ready for more to be admitted into our care.

We are STILL waiting for Rain to pop! She's due to have her kittens any day now and we are still open to name suggestions on our Facebook page . Rain is now be our sponsor cat (find out more about being a pen sponsor please visit this link). **EDIT** As of 18/2/19 Rain has gone into labour! **

This means our previous sponsor cat Charlie has found and left for his forever home! This is great news for Charlie, you may remember Charlie had a road traffic accident and had to have an operation on his hip. After several weeks having exercise to help build up his muscle he was finally up for adoption. A really lovely family have taken him on and here he is in his new forever home:

On Valentines Day we put out an appeal for our 15 year old FIV+ bachelor George. Apart from having a dental recently George is in great health and looking for his true love to spend his twilight days with. George will need to be the only cat in the household (unless there are other FIV positive cats in the home) and also kept as an indoor only cat. Being indoor only suits George just right as since he's been here all he's loved to do is be pampered by his cat carers and laze about on his big, comfy bed!

We recently had 12 cats in from a multi-cat household where there were 30 cats living. The cats came from our Coventry branch and are all incredibly shy and scared. We have homed 4 of the cats and we are working with the remaining 8 and seeing daily progress in their confidence. We are looking for patient and understanding owners who have a quiet home with no young children.  If you think you have the right environment and can offer these beautiful cats a chance of a loving new home then please contact us on 01656 724396.

We are only half way through February and we have already homed over 50 cats and kittens in those two weeks to see which cats and kittens are up for adoption please visit our website

Friday, 25 January 2019

An ever turning cycle!

We often hear the phrase, “a New Year new beginning”, and whilst we haven’t had a new beginning as the cat welfare feel rolls on regardless, we have had a first in 20 years with all available cats in centre being reserved!  This included 8-year-old baby who was diagnosed with kidney disease and our lovely 17-year-old cat sponsor cat Lily who was adopted by Jeff and Linda who emailed us this lovely update:
“She went to the loo in the carrier in the car on the way home, just as we pulled out of your drive way and that meant windows open…  Made us laugh; we know that bit works OK too well! She spent yesterday under the bed but coming out for food warily. Some fusses but we are letting her get used to the room on her own. This morning she came out from under the bed ears forward and tail up when we brought food, and has used the litter tray OK. Much fussing was requested from her and she stayed out from under the bed. She is now curled up in her basket you kindly let us have and she will glance up when I check in, then put her head back down to snooze”.
Lilly settled in her new home
With Lily leaving us to her forever home, we now have a new sponsor cat called Charlie.  Charlie was admitted to us with a fractured hip, he has had surgery to repair this and is currently undergoing a physio programme to encourage him to use and strengthen his leg.  Charlie is a real sweetie, and a big favourite with everyone here!   You can find out more about our cat sponsorship scheme at here 
Charlie, our new sponsor cat
Daisy and her kittens have also left us to their forever home, many people were following their story in our blog and queued early in the morning on the day they became available with the hope of adopting one of them.  We were not surprised that all were reserved very soon after we opened, they are adorable and Daisy did an amazing job of raising them.
Daisy's kittens - 8 weeks old
For every cat we home, there are more out there which need our help so we continue to admit more and more cat!  January has seen 77 cats come through our door with a further 25 arriving in the next few days.  Cats come in for all reasons with the main ones cited are owner unable to cope, stray, unwanted litter, change in family circumstance and landlord issues. One of the new arrivals is Stiggy who we believe was abandoned outside the centre, he was found by one of our cat carers trying to get in through a window, he obviously knew we were the right place to get help J . We decided to keep Stiggy for 14 days as we do with all strays and to advertise him locally in case he was lost but as no owner has come forward, he has now been reserved and will be leaving us to his forever home very soon.  Some cats can become frustrated being penned up so we enrich their environment as much as we can, and Stiggy being a quick learner soon got the hang of using his puzzle feeder.

Cat Carer Ceri teaching Stiggy how to use his puzzle feeder
Just as one kitten season ends another one starts and this week we took in our first pregnant cat of the year, we have called her Rain, she has been vet checked and is fit and healthy.  We are expecting her to give birth in the next couple of weeks.

Heavily pregnant Rain having her vet check
Another new arrival is Toffee; she was admitted to us from a multi cat household of 16 cats. She is a real sweet heart but is a bit shy and is really benefitting from her hide, which gives her some privacy reducing her stress levels whilst giving her the confidence to start coming out knowing that she has somewhere to retreat to.  Toffee is in desperate need of some dental work, which will be carried out before she is available for adoption.

Phew!  Writing the blog makes us realise how busy we have been already this year.  It time for us to go back to caring for our cats, hope you have enjoyed the journal and please look out for the next one.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A Purrfect Year - 2018 Round-up.

2018 seems to have passed in a flash of an eye but looking back, it has been a very busy and successful year at the centre due to the hard work and commitment of the team at the centre and great support we receive from members of the public.

983 adult cats and 557 kittens (1540 in total) were admitted into our care for a wide variety of reasons, the most common reasons seemed to be that the owner was not coping, landlord issues and unwanted litters.  Fortunately, we have many people coming through our doors looking for cats and kittens to adopt and we are delighted to say that 1472 cats and kittens found their forever homes though our Bridgend Adoption Centre and Cardiff Homing and Information Centre (which opened in February 2018), including our lovely long stay cat Flower.
Flower long stay cat left us to her forever home

Flower was in our care for 3 months before finding her forever home; she had been homed earlier in the year but returned for not settling in her previous home.  She is a real sweetie and we are delighted to see her start the New Year in her forever home.

Our trap, neuter and return volunteers have made another huge difference during the year to the welfare of feral cats, with 225 being neutered, returned to site or relocated to farms and smallholdings looking for outdoor cats as mousers.  One such cat to benefit is this lovely ginger semi feral tom cat.

Semi Feral tom cat before neutering

As you can see in the above photo, he was looking pretty rough and sorry for himself before our TNR volunteer Rachel became involved, she trapped him and took him to be neutered, checked over by the vet and ensured that he had a regular food supply and shelter. This meant that he was no longer fighting other un-neutered tom cats in the area and he is no longer roaming and seeking out un-neutered females for mating. As a result of this, he has gained weight, his fighting injuries have healed and he is almost un-recognisable as the same pitiful cat he was before.  
Semi Feral tom cat after neutering
Helping to neuter and return feral cats is a very rewarding job, if you would like become a volunteer helping feral cats, please visit

We held our first Pen-y-Fan sponsored walk in September, with over 20 walkers taking part.  Despite this small number, an amazing £3000 was raised for the kitty, our Pawsome afternoon tea open day and just giving appeals have collectively raised over £3500.

Pen-y-Fan sponsored walk
Our fundraising volunteers have also had a busy year attending over 15 events in the community, raising awareness of the work we do, and boosting the kitty by another £2400.  We would like to give a special mention to our fundraising volunteer Linda Powell, who successfully completed the Cardiff half marathon contributing £913 of the total.  If you would like to become involved as a fundraising volunteer, please visit

Linda Powell successfully finished the Cardiff Half Marathon

All this is just the tip of the ice burg of the great work carried out by staff and volunteers at the centre, who work tirelessly to make a real difference to cat’s lives.  Our supporter’s generosity also helps us to finance the work we do, so a BIG THANK YOU all round to all involved.

As we go into 2019 we would like to share some good news about our lovely sponsor cat, 17-year-old Lilly, if you have been following the blog, you will know that she was diagnosed as hyperthyroid and was in need of dental work.  Finally, after weeks of treatment and waiting, we are happy to say that she has been given the all clear by our vet and is now available for adoption.  We are hoping it will not take too long for her to find here purrfect human/s.

Sponsor cat, 17 year old Lilly is looking to find her forever home

That is all for now, please follow our blog in 2019 to find out more stories and news from our centre.
Bye for now!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Cats Protection Journal - Christmas!

In the run up to Christmas we have received an incredibly generous amount of donations, gifts for the cats and chocolates for the staff. We started an Amazon Wishlist at the beginning of the month and have received an overwhelming amount of toys, Christmas dinners and scratching posts for our cats who will be spending Christmas with us. We will be handing them out to all the cats in our care over the next few days but we have a feeling they will last us well into the new year!

This festive period we have also set up our Christmas tree as a 'memory tree' for any loved pets who sadly won't be with us this Christmas. In place of a £5 donation we have small decorations with dedications written on them hung on our tree in loved pets memories.

Delilahs' kittens have now started being split from Mum for an hour in the morning and evening so they can start eating their own food and give Mum a break! They are all waddling about the pens, playing with each other and starting to play with toys too.

In other great news our FIV positive cat Felix who had his tail amputated due to a severe break, has been adopted! The same day he was available to be homed he was snapped up for adoption by a lovely lady who adores him just as much as he adored her. We are so, so happy for him and can't wait to see how he settles in his new forever home.

Our longest staying cat is Flower who is still waiting to find her forever home this Christmas. She is 5 years old, neutered and fully vaccinated. She would love a home where she can be the only pet with no children, she has a few special requirements surrounding her homing so for more information on Flower please contact us directly on 01656 724396.

And in even better news our longest staying cat Tyson found himself a forever home this past weekend with a lovely new family. Tyson was with us for over 100 days, he was terrified and not coping well in the pen environment at all. For the first 3 months Tyson would lash out in fear but over the last month he slowly came out for treats and even let a couple cat carers give him a smooth on the head. When his new adopters came to visit him he was happily padding in his pen and let them smooth him - he instantly took to them! We wish Tyson all the best of luck and can't wait to see how he gets along in his new home.

Here at Bridgend Adoption Centre we would like to wish all our supporters and volunteers a very Merry Christmas and thankyou for a great year!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Cats Protection Bridgend Journal part 2!

It is the time of year again when the Christmas trees are coming out, homes are being decorated and it is no different here at the centre, which is looking very festive after our cat carers took time out from their busy schedules to bring a bit of festive cheer to the place.  Our memory tree is also up in reception ready to celebrate the lives of much loved cats who have passed away.  To find out more about dedicating a special decoration on our tree, click here

It is also the end of another busy month in the centre, during which 120 cats and kittens were admitted into our care.  One particular kitten who touched all our hearts and is a firm favourite with all of us is Toothless, he was in a sorry state when he was found with his sibling in someone’s garden at just 5 weeks of age. They both had horrific diarrhoea, flu and were very malnourished, sadly, the sibling passed away. 
Toothless was very poorly when he was found

Toothless , however proved to be a little survivor, he rallied around after a worming treatment cleared his huge burden of round worms and antibiotics cleared up his flu symptoms.  With the magic ingredient of extra TLC, Toothless now has a new lease of life!  He is bouncing around his pen, rolling on his stomach and loving his toys, whilst firmly wrapping his paws around our hearts. 
Toothless, a little survivor  

113 cats and kittens left our care to their forever homes during the month!  What makes this figure extra special is seeing some of our long stay cats leaving us including our longest staying cat Freddie who was with us for over 100 days.  Freddie is a friendly cat but found the centre environment very frightening and spent most of his time cowering and hiding.  Our cat carers worked hard to bring him out of his shell but he was still very reclusive.  We are delighted that his new humans saw passed his shyness to the lovely cat he is underneath.

Freddie, our longest staying cat has been adopted

Freddie was also our sponsor cat and now that he has left us, we have a new cat to take his place.  Her name is Lily, you might remember her from last week’s blog, she is a 17-year-old cat who was diagnosed as hyperthyroid.  She was waiting for surgery to have her thyroid glands removed at the time, well we are glad to say that she has now had her operation and a much needed dental and is making a remarkable recovery.  You can find out more about becoming a Cats Protection sponsor cat by visiting

17 year old Lily is our new sponsor cat

This week, the lovely Delia gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens, 3 girls and 1 boy, they are a lovely little family and both mum and kittens are doing well.  We asked for name suggestions on our last blog and FB page  and being as Christmas is not far away, we have decided to call the girls Holly, Ivy, Fern and the boy Berry.  Festive names to suit the time of you, Hope you like our chosen names and thank you all for putting your suggestions forward.
Delilah with her 4 new born kittens

Before we go just a couple of updates on some of the cats from our last entry, Felix is still recovering from his operation to have his tail amputated, his recovery has taken longer than normal, and he is still under vet care,  hopefully it won’t before he makes a full recovery.
Rascal and Cookie the beautiful 5 months old kittens were adopted as soon as they became available and have left us to start life in their new home, we are looking forward to having news as to how they are settling in their new home.

That is all for now, hope you have enjoyed reading part 2 of journal; we are looking forward to sharing more news and stories with you in our next entry.

Bye for now!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Cats Protection Bridgend Journal!


Well it is the end of the week and it has been a  particularly busy one so we are all looking forward to going home and putting our feet up before starting all over again!  
This week we had 23 cats admitted into our care for all sort of reasons, stray, newborn baby, not settled with other pets in the home, financial reasons, owner unable to cope, and so on.   People are not always understanding of others who rehome their pets but we have seen the other side of this.  We have given out many tissues to teary-eyed owners who have had to make the heart breaking decision to part with their pets.  We reassure them that we will do our best for their much-loved cat and encourage them to keep in touch with us for updates. 

Two of the cats admitted to us this week are Rascal and Cookie, they were found in a park when they were 5 weeks of age. The people who found them took them in planning to give them their forever home, sadly, their grandson developed an allergic reaction to them and 4 months later, they contacted us asking for help rehoming them. 

Oscar and Cookie, admitted due to allegry.

What makes our job worthwhile is seeing the cats leaving our care to their forever homes, and this week was exceptionally busy with 27 cats and kittens leaving our care. Some of the cats and kittens adopted had been with us a few days and others for over 2 months.  It is especially rewarding to see cats and kittens that have needed extra TLC leaving and this is very much so the case with a special little kitten called Sabrina.  
Sabrina, left us to her forever home this week

Sabrina was admitted to us at 8 weeks of age suffering with untreated flu, she was in very poor condition and very frightened of people.  She had weeks of medication and underwent surgery on her eye before being well enough to find her forever home.  She has been left partially sighted and with permanent damage to both her eyes so will be kept as an indoor cat by her new owners.  It is heart-warming to see Sabrina being adopted and having the chance of a new start in life she desperately deserves.   
In our admission corridors, we have some special cats recovering from and waiting for surgery, including the handsome Felix.

Felix had an operation to amputate his tail.

Felix was admitted to us because he was living as a stray since July 2018.  Felix tested positive for the FIV virus but he is healthy and friendly so will be rehomed as an indoor cat.  Our cat carers quickly noticed that Felix’s tail was limp and had no feeling in it.  A vet exam confirmed that he had received an injury at some point causing paralysis of his tail and an operation was needed to amputate it.  Thankfully, the operation went well and Felix is well on his way to recovery.

Another extra special cat in our care is 17-year-old Lilly who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  We are currently waiting for blood results for her following a 3-week course of medication to stabilise her condition to allow our vet to operate to remove her thyroid glands. She is a real sweet heart and loves being brushed.  We are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed as we wait for the results to come in

17 year old Lilly is waiting for an operation

With 19 cats and kittens reserved, we are going to have another busy week ahead!  We are most excited about seeing our long stay golden oldie Rhianna leave us to her forever home after 78 days in our care.  Our cat carers and volunteers who haven’t been working today will be delighted when they hear the news :) 


Long stay Rhianna is reserved

We are also anticipating the heavily pregnant cat in our car Delilah giving birth.  We thought she was going to do so in the last few days but she has decided to keep us waiting!  In the meanwhile, we are all taking guesses at how many kittens she is going to have and what colours, what do you think?  You can join in by writing your guesses in the comments.

Well we are off now to settle the cats for the night, hope you have enjoyed reading this journal entry and watch out for more to come!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Blind and Patially Sighted Cats

Here at Cats Protection Bridgend AC, we have cared for many cats with a variety of special requirements, including cats that are either partially or fully blind. There are many different causes for cat blindness, and while some cats can be born blind, others may lose their sight gradually over a long period of time.

Handsome Popeye was fully blind but was able to get around amazingly using his whiskers.

What signs or symptoms of blindness should cat owners look out for?
-Cats who are losing their sight may be prone to bumping into items of furniture, especially more so at night or when lighting is poor. You may also notice he has trouble judging the height of objects when jumping.
The eye(s) may also change in appearance, and could become enlarged or cloudy looking. You may also notice that the pupils do not dilate with changing light levels.

How can I help a blind cat?
Cats are generally a very adaptive species, and are still able to enjoy a good quality of life by compensating with their other senses.  
Try to make the furniture in the home nice and safe, and avoid moving it around too often as the cat will become accustomed to where everything is located, and will have a mental map of the room and furniture. Try to avoid leaving unexpected obstacles on the floor, especially small items that the cat will not be able to detect with his whiskers. 
Scent is incredibly important to all cats, but especially to blind cats. Allow your cat to walk around and get used to his surroundings, and try to avoid picking him up so he can use his scent glands in his paws to lay a scent trail to come back to.
Let your cat know you’re there- use your voice to gently notify him of your presence before picking him up or petting him. Try not to be too loud or make sudden loud noises that might startle him.
If your cat is blind in one eye, try to approach him from his ‘good eye’ side where possible.
Blind cats still love to play, so using squeaky, rattley or crinkly toys will help engage him. You can also engage other senses such as smell or taste with treat toys and catnip.
Avoid letting your blind or partially sighted cat outside unsupervised, as there are too many risks and dangers that he may not be able to navigate.
Cats Protection also recommends that blind cats should be the only pet in the home, to minimise stress.
Most of all, be patient.  Sudden or gradual blindness is a lot to get used to, even for our adaptable feline friends. Your cat may seem a little grumpy or fearful as he gets accustomed to using his new senses. Be kind, quiet and gentle as he adjusts.
Some blind cats will use their paws to swipe in front of them to ascertain what is there. As an owner of a blind cat, you may find yourself receiving the occasional paw to the leg as you walk around! Try to be patient if this happens as the cat is simply trying to find his way about

Bubba had to have one eye removed as it was damaged when he suffered with cat flu in the home. After healing from his surgery, he found a loving home.
Beautiful Bear was found to be fully blind when he came into our care, but it didn’t stop him from being a playful little lovebug who found his forever home as an indoor only cat.

Beautiful Serena is only 5 months old but due to severe cat flu as a kitten is now partially sighted. Lucky for her she has found a loving home which she is headed to this week :)

Think you could offer a home to a cat with special requirements? We always have lots of lovely cats for adoption here at our Bridgend Adoption Centre. Pop in and see us at Pant Hirwaun, Bryncethin, Bridgend CF32 9UJ.